What is Red Dice Diaries?

Welcome to the Red Dice Diaries, this is my channel where I provide tips and advice for roleplaying, broadcast games showing that advice in action and highlight games that offer innovative mechanics or assistance to the GM.

What would eventually become the Red Dice Diaries started in February 2013 as a small blog called The House of Black; originally it was simply a blog for me to post write-ups of my Rogue Trader campaign, however as time went on I started to enjoy the writing side of it (and received some very positive feedback), this lead to the blog being expanded to include other aspects of the hobby. Over the next year I discovered a wealth of tabletop RPG material on Youtube and, inspired by some of the characters and videos there, I decided to create my own channel.

Since starting up the channel i’ve uploaded over 200 videos (as of the time of writing this) and have written even more blog entries, the support that I have received from various people (including members of the Youtube RPG Brigade) both encouraged me to setup and persevere with the channel, through it I have met and talked to some great people and have gamed with others whom I would otherwise not have met, I have also re-discovered my joy of both writing and drawing (long thought lost since my days at university).

Whether you are new to the Red Dice Diaries or have been with us for some time we hope you’ll be as excited about this next stage in our development as much as we are and that you’ll stick with us for all of the exciting content that we have to come.

About the Author

Red Dice Diaries is the brainchild of John Alan Large.


John has been happily married since 2005 to wife Hannah who he met when she was working at his local games store.


Having written some pamphlets, a GM-ing advice chapter for a kickstarter book and getting involved in the National Novel Writing Month from 2014 onwards, John is rediscovering his love of writing and hopes to produce some printed material for distribution.


John finished an art course at University and, following health problems that left his hands prone to shaking, pretty much put down his painting brush never to pick it up again; however, following discussions about design with members of the RPG Brigade, John is slowly rediscovering his love of drawing and painting.


Having picked up his first RPG in his early teens, the author GMed his first game for his younger brother and a number of friends, and has been GM-ing ever since.

Where to find us?

You can find us at https://wheretofind.me/@Reddicediaries

We love hearing what you think, however any spam or abusive posts will be ruthlessly removed and deleted, as will those that ramble off topic.