One thought on “RPG Review: Torment, Tides of Numenera – Explorers Guide”

  1. I received the link for this via Monty Cook’s Games site. Your review sold me on this resource for sure. I really like having a toolbox of options / weirdness that can be infused into the game. I have run only one Numenera game so far, and I will be running a second.

    I have more of a question based on your experience with this system. How do you introduce new Cyphers, Artifacts or Oddities?

    Let me clarify. I know where I’d place key items, items to create on the spur of the moment etc. What I struggle with is having players interact with found items. How do you have them identify them? I know the rules to identify, but what if they fail a roll? And, how do you describe how something fairly complex works onces they identify it but haven’t used it? It is easy to describe as a pill that appears to provide additional armor protection but describing a liquid that when drunk which turns their skin green and provide photosynthesis for five days worth of nutriotion is tough — who would know that unless you tried it already?

    Any pointers or resources are helpful.

    Again, thanks for the great review and sorry if this question is misplaced.


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