Episode X of our Star Wars Campaign

This evening we’re running the tenth episode of our Star Wars campaign Terror on the Outer Rim; our heroes are trapped on the planetary stronghold of the insane Garruda the Hutt, pursued by his droid minions. Can they disable his powerful shield generators, allowing the Bandit Queen to take out the aged Hutt once and for all?


Episode Intro Crawl

Actual Play Video

will be available once session begins

This is the last session of the campaign in its present format, we are going to be running it as a series of trilogies in 2016, different missions/jobs undertaken by the same crew, really trying to get back to the mercenary/smuggler vibe of Edge of the Empire, I’ll be posting an aftermath video (possibly a crawl) to fill in the time between this and our 2016 series, re-title Adventures on the Outer Rim.

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