Designing a new video opening screen

Designing a new video opening screen

As you’ll hopefully have notice there’s been a change to the overall colour scheme for Red Dice Diaries, we’ve gone for a more muted, easy on the eyes palette to go with our new website (that you’re reading now); with the new scheme though the old startup sequence (great though it was) for our Youtube videos didn’t really seem appropriate. So I’ve been messing around with my copy of Corel VideoStudio X7 and the graphics that I designed/altered for use on the website trying to create something more suitable.

I definitely wanted to end with the RDD dice logo in the middle of the screen and the text Red Dice Diaries, Table RPGs on there somewhere, since the main thing that happens with dice is that they get rolled I decided to try and have the logo bounce onto the screen and then jump up and down a bit before settling as though someone had thrown it from off-camera. Now this will be the first bit of motion based animation i’ve done on Corel VideoStudio, but overall i’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

I also wanted to keep the intro fairly short so that people didn’t get annoyed with how long it was taking, but I needed a certain amount of time to show the motion of the dice; in the end I managed to get it down to seven seconds, which I think should be okay.

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