A couple more intro crawl generators

Shortly after posting my previous post about Star Wars intro crawls I came across two more of them:

Tim Pietrusky’s Intro Crawl

Click here to access

screenshotTim Pietrusky’s intro crawl uses a combination of Javascript, HTML and CSS to create a nice looking crawl that you can embed in a website or just run on it’s own. In order to make changes you have to export the files from the website as a ZIP archive, extract it and then alter the index.HTML file in wordpad or something similar to add your text.

This is a little more involved but the HTML was fairly easy to understand (even for an amateur like myself) with a bit of judicious Google searching. You can find the ZIP file for my test crawl here, you will have to download it, extract it and then run the index.HTML file.

Please note: This didn’t want to run in IE when I tried it, but seemed to work fine in Firefox, although the machine I was using had an older version of IE on it, so it might work okay on he later versions.

Craig Buckler’s Sitepoint Version


screenshotNot really a crawl creator this one more some advice on how someone created a HTML-based Star Wars intro crawl, however there is an example which can be run and then the web page can be saved locally. It is fairly easy to open it in Wordpad and change the text to create your own intro crawl.

You can see the example crawl I made by downloading the this file and opening it in your web browser.

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