Useful Links

This page contains links to useful RPG resources.

Character Sheets
Character sheets for various RPGs.

D&D 5E Links
Some links I’ve found useful whilst running D&D 5E:

Dice Rollers
For those situations where you’re either playing online or just don’t want to carry a massive bag of dice with you to the game.

Fate Hacks
Various hacks and files written for the Fate RPG system.
(Please note: I do not know who the authors are for some of these files, this is not intended to be a challenge to their creative contributions).

Free Games
RPGs that are available freely (and legally) online:

Image Editing
Tools useful for manipulating graphics.

  • Free Online Image Editor – an excellent free program that has a lot of useful tools including the ability to create animated GIFs and save pictures as PNGs with transparencies.
  • Token Stamp 2 – A great online utility for making tokens to use with VTTs.

Pages that can provide inspiration for players and GMs.

  • British Pathé – this youtube channel compiles archive footage from the days when news reels were broadcast at the cinema, some very interesting stuff.
  • Gypsy magic, old names for herbs – an A-Z list containing additional names for herbs.
  • – a bestiary of Japanese monsters and spirits.

Map Making and World Building

Random Generators
Pages containing random generators for the time-pushed GM.

  • Donjon – great page containing numerous random generators.

Star Wars Links
Links for use with Star Wars RPGs (mostly the FFG version).

Traveller Links

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    1. Not a problem Sam, it made sense to organise the Star Wars links together since that’s mainly what I’m playing ATM, I’m hoping to continue adding to the useful lists as I come across more pages and/or people send me links 🙂

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