The Mysterious City of Gold

Although reliable maps to the Undying Lands are few and far between, over the years distorted rumours and legends have filtered back to people in the Known World. Now that the grinding ice has retreated, adventurers have the chance to test those legends, proving or disproving them through strength of arms and cunning thought.

Let me tell you about the lost golden city of Dinas. It is said that before the time of the Sundering when the ice-sheets descended from the north, that there was a great a noble civilisation that ruled the Undying Land. Skilled in both war and wise in the ways of knowledge, the people of Dinas spread far and wide across their continent, they were a force to be reckoned with and commanded strange magics beyond the ken of modern mages.

Greatest of all was Dinas, their capital, a city built of solid gold, designed to serve as both dwelling and living temple to the gods. But it is said that the people of Dinas eventually came to believe themselves greater than the gods, replacing their idols with portraits glorifying their own achievements. Fair Dinas was cast down and sank deep into the earth, never to be seen again, but legend tells that some of their people survive and dwell still below the surface in their cold, dark halls, twisted with loathing and fear for the gods that condemned them.”

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