When Someone else Pays the Price (IC writeup of the 4th Seattle Demon the Fallen Game)

Disclaimer: Please note this is a fictitious in-character write-up of a roleplaying game session.
I was quite surprised when I turned up to work the next morning, my producer Sue looked flustered and the clip notes that had been prepared for the morning show were rushed and shoddy, nowhere near the standard that i’d come to expect for the team; it appeared that Eric my young student had failed to turn into work in the morning and so Sue’d had to rush the notes through herseld, he’d given no explanation and nor had she been able to raise him on the phone. I was forced to improvise a lot of the show but oddly enough it was one of the best i’ve done yet, perhaps i’ve been letting myself get a bit lazy and have just been coasting along? Maybe I need to knock things up a gear?
Worried about the uncharacteristic behaviour from Eric I grabbed his address from Sue and then spoke to Frank on the way out of the station, i’d managed to get him some small techy jobs around the station, nothing major but it beat the welfare cheque and would hopefully keep his wife off his back for a bit. Frank agreed to accompany me and, as we drove to the avenue where Eric lived, we chatted about his wife and how he was going to tell her about his change of circumstances; I warned him that it was going to put a major strain on his relationship but that he owed his wife the truth, hell, who was I to talk about relationships, i’d be married once and it had ended badly, she’d got the kid and i’d got death and then this.
Frank used his abilities to get us inside the appartment, place was a damn mess, looked like it had been turned over; when we eventually found Eric I felt a brief surge of an old and familiar rage as I looked down at the beaten body of the young man, an innocent whose only crime had been to try and assist me down at the radio station. He tried to speak through the pain of broken bones and bloody lips, I motioned for him not to speak and knelt down beside him
“Eric, don’t be afraid, I can heal you and make you well again – but before I can do that I need you to believe and to have faith in me, do you believe Eric?”
As I spoke a smouldering ember of my previous celestial majesty burned in my voice and I saw him nod slightly; words were not needed to seal the pact only his agreement, I took his face and returned a part of it to him, willing it to knit flesh and bone back together until (aside from some slight bruising) he was healed.
Now healed Eric was able to describe his attacker, it was clear from his description that our “friend” from Connor’s TV repair had paid him a visit; I cursed and felt the flames of my anger grow higher as I realised that all this had been my fault, I offered to ring the station and claim that Eric had been ill and couldn’t use the phone, Sue was also one of my thralls and would understand, it seemed the least I could do given the circumstances. Realising that our associated my be in danger Frank attempted to ring his wife but their was no answer; fearing the worst we leapt into our vehicles and sped down the highway to Frank’s house, the place seemed unusually clean but otherwise it all seemed fine, until I noticed the red light flashing on the answerphone and pressed the button.
“Frank… Frank… I don’t know where I am… Frank… please come and get me”
Whilst Frank raged at the message, venting his considerable (and understandable) anger on the nearby furniture, I went and checked the mail, the accumulated pile of bills and papers told me that she’d been taken in the last 12 hours. A small piece of yellow paper was sticking out of the mail pile and I felt my stomach lurch as I turned it over to reveal the inevitable Connor’s TV repair leaflet, the address of the warehouse that we had visited previously was circled in biro.
A few moments later we pulled into the warehouse, not in a mood to mess around Frank virtually smashed through the door but the place was empty, empty besides for a TV set with a camera attached to it; on the TV screen was a picture of Frank’s wife tied to a chair and gagged, but it was soon replaced by the smug face of a man I recognised, Leeroy Christmas.
“You’ve been interfering in my business, if you continue to do so there will be unfortunate consequences.”
Leeroy continued to outline how those we cared for would never be safe unless I let the matter with the Duwarmish tribe drop; for a moment I considered defying him, after all what was the life of one human compared to the glorious truth we could bring to their race, but then I remembered how before we had given up our world for little more than a handful of primitives who showed great promise and I knew then that I couldn’t let Pauline die for my ideal. I agreed to cease my interference in return for two things, Pauline’s safety and (thinking back to what Kulikov had told me) the location of the Russian bunker containing the serum that would enhance the human condition.
Christmas agreed and told us that his man was on the way and would take us to Pauline and that from there we would easily be able to locate the bunker; the TV went blank. Quickly I pulled out my mobile and told Nardy to meet us at the warehouse but to hold back a bit so she wasn’t seen by Christmas’ flunky, she agreed and said that she was on her way. Sure enough a few moments later the TV repair murderer walked in, unrolling a scroll covered in angelic script and placing it atop the doorway; I bit back my urge to deal with the murderer, both Frank and myself stepped through the doorway and instantly found ourselves plunging through blackness into freezing cold water.
Pulling ourselves out of the water it appeared that we had been transported to some sort of abandoned mineshaft, it didn’t take us long to locate Pauline who was tied up on a chair nearby; in response to her sobbing enquiries about events that had occurred Frank began to talk to her about the Fallen (it seemed he had decided to come clean) but he began to babble and tumble over his words, eventually resorting to transforming into his demonic form to illustrate the point. Although clearly terrified Pauline showed impressive strength of will in holding herself together at the sight and with my natural way with people I was able to calm her down.
A sudden voice sounded coming from near the top of the shaft, it appeared that Nardy had followed us through and had been able to climb out of the mine, she swiftly located an old winch and was able to get us all into the upper levels of the mine. The mine was filled with a jumble of old 1940s structures and stuff that looked like it had come straight out of an old west dime novel, but eventually we found what must one have been a foreman’s office and inside a map, showing that we were now apparently in a place called Aggie’s Creek in Alaska. Frank shouted that he had found six bullets, a rifle and a wolf pelt in one of the storage lockers and, not knowing what perils we might face, we decided to keep them with us.
Eventually finding our way out of the mine we were in what looked like a small, crumbling ghost town, Nardy seemed to recognise it and said that she believed it had been mentioned in her researches on Isaac Stevens; a large crater occupied the center of the desolate place but the sight that took our breath away as we moved closer was a perfectly preserved fossil of an eight foot tall man with huge wings extending from his back. Even at this distance I could feel an older and purer faith emanating from the corpse of the angel (for what else could it be?) and I snapped a few photos.
There were wolf howls in the distance, both Frank and myself glanced nervously at the treeline and then at the silver bullets.
Moving into the town further we discovere da small log cabin in an overgrown area, inside were some ancient supplies and a mattress, bones and skins littered the floor; lying on the table was a photo of a man that I recognised from the history books, Isaac Stevens. Nardy looked excited as she sensed death energy in the room and pulled back the sheets from the mattress to reveal a skeleton; she reached down to the bones and concentrated for a moment before looking at me with panic in her eyes.
“We need to go, now!”
“Why?” I asked
“This isn’t Stevens, i’ve spoken to the spirits here and the wolves are coming for us, they protect this place, we need to leave!”
Frank had discovered an old truck nearby and was working on gassing it up from the remnants of the old generators and repairing it as only he could when we heard numerous wolf howls amongst the trees and glowing eyes started to move in on our position; lifting Pauline and Nardy up onto the truck I handed Pauline the rifle and silver bullets telling her shoot anything that moved before leaping into the driving seat.
The howls were closer now.
I screamed for Frank to hurry up.
Furred shapes moved just beyond the treeline.
Frank swore as he dragged the remnants of the fuel to the car.
A huge wolf (bigger than any i’ve seen) emerged from the treeline.
There was a zinging sound as Pauline fired the rifle.
The wolf was joined by more and seeming to grow as it ran forwards, becoming something primeval and terrible, lashed out with it’s claws.
Then Frank leapt into the back of truck.
I floored the accelerator and the truck screeched into motion, blasting forward powered by the alchemy of the malefactor, we drove until we had left the wolves and the ghost town far behind, until the diesel ran dry and the engine died, coughing and spluttering.
After a few moments had passed and we dared to breathe again I looked over at Nardy.
“So what did you see?”

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