[Website] Stepping up my Brand


I’ve really enjoyed creating the Red Dice Diaries, first of all as a Youtube Channel then late adding on other elements such as a Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Blogger; I have been pleasantly surprised by how quickly the channel took off and how many people are actually interested in my random rambles concerning tabletop RPGs, Bugbears and GM advice. After producing a couple of sample instruction books for BrigadeCon 2014 and writing a chapter for a forthcoming Fate Cthulhu book my wife (herself engaged in starting up her own business) suggested that perhaps I should try publishing something since I seemed to enjoy the writing element so much.

I’m giving that some serious thought at the moment and have been reaching out to people I know within the RPG Brigade who have been extremely helpeful offering advice; part of what I wanted to do (and have been wanting to do for some time now) before embarking on this was to step up my brand a little and create a central hub where all of the various Red Dice Diaries elements could be accessed, to do that i’ve created this website that links to all of them. Blogs will now be posted here going forward although I will still link to them in my original Blogger account so that people using the RSS feed can still see them. I’m hoping that this new enterprise will be a success, thanks to everyone who has subscribed to my Youtube channel, read my blogs, and commented on my Red Dice Diaries output since I first opened the diaries a couple of years ago.

Here’s looking forward to many more videos, blog posts and hopefully other new and exciting things in the future 🙂


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