[Actual Play] Skyless City – Session 3

Skyless City – Jadepunk Campaign – Session 3
Following the tragic events of the Windrider crash our heroes have been laying low in the deepest reaches of the Sheshin district, a dark grotto of the magnificent multi-layered Kausao that rarely sees the sun. They find themselves pursued by a strange shadow creature known as the ‘Ghost of Sheshin’, a creature that seems capable of killing it’s victims, leaving nothing but a scorched shadow behind. Sheltering in the hut of Yukimura Chou, the old fortune teller tells them that they are pursued by forces from their past.
What is the strange creature haunting the Sheshin District? Why is Yuuto being pursued by someone known as Kaiyu Shizu, someone who shares a given name with a long-dead figure from her childhood? And who is banging on the door of Chou’s hut?

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