Upgrading one of my main NPCs


Some lively discussion was generated by my recent blog post about how one of my NPCs was statted for my last Rogue Trader FATE game, there was some great advice given on G+ and Blogger by (amongst others) Julius Müller, Tim Noyce, Robert Hanz and John Miles; looking back over the character cards that i’d prepared, in light of this information one of the NPCs that I had tagged as a main NPC didn’t really seem to have the stats to back that up so i’ve made a few tweaks and amendments.

Thought i’d post a copy of the card, as currently stands, he to see what people think; any constructive comments welcome.

2 thoughts on “Upgrading one of my main NPCs”

  1. So what are his combat rolls like when he's in a situation that favors him? It looks like if he's got his mitts on a bolter, he's rolling +6 to blast fools and deals 3 bonus stress on hits. Incoming fire has to deal with … a +9? 3 Athletics, +2 for the armor stunt, +4 for the armor itself. Maybe "only" a +7 if your PCs have penetration 2 on their bolters? That's plenty high, but he seems harder to hit in melee even: Fighting +5, +2 armor stunt, +4 for the armor – a total of +11.

    What kinds of totals are your PCs packing, because that's off the charts for my game, but my game is not your game.

    He'll be hard to hit. I mean, even chaining multiple free invocations together hard to hit. What I'd do would be to disarm him if possible, then shoot the bastard with as much dakka as I had while running away.

    1. The totals above are about right, this NPC is intended as an 'evil-mastermind' style NPC who will remain behind the scenes for quite some time; most of the PCs in my game are packing a fair amount of weaponry, backing that up with armour, psychic powers and force fields.

      But you're absolutely correct, running in and just hacking away isn't the way to go with this NPC, some ingenuity may be required – although I may think about removing the two +2 Stunts from the NPC (or at least shifting them to non-combat based skills).

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