Things I learnt making an RPG youtube video

Inspired by several members of the Youtube RPG brigade and various youtube footage that I had watched about tabletop RPGs I decided to have a go at making a couple of videos myself and uploading them to my youtube account (the results can be seen here for anyone interested). The videos that I made were fairly spur of the moment affairs using just the built in webcam on my laptop, without any real planning (or experience of handling video footage); although the videos didn’t turn out too badly in my opinion and most people were fairly kind and constructive in their feedback there were a few things that became obvious that I thought i’d pass on in this blog to anyone else who is thinking of making Youtube RPG videos:

  • Have some notes ready to prevent stumbling over words or rambling.
  • Make sure that any props or the like are ready to go or (preferably) have them edited in afterwards to save fumbling around for a book (or whatever) during the video.
  • Do a quick rehearsal or run through of what you plan to say first, this helps enormously when you come to record.
  • Have a play around with some of the free video manipulation software available on the internet (i’ve been doing this myself and plan to incorporate what i’ve learnt into my future videos).
  • Talk clearly and concisely, trying to minimise long pauses.
Overall I quite enjoyed the experience of making the videos and definitely plan to make some more in the future (I would recommend anyone at least try it), i’ve gained a few subscribers and have had some encouraging comments; hopefully by following the advice above i’ll be able to make some slightly more published videos.
If you plan to make some videos and are perhaps looking for some more advice, you could do worse than joining the YouTube RPG Brigade G+ community.

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