Serpents Fall – Session 10 (video)

Serpent’s Fall – Session 10
“Talons of the Winter King”

Our heroes have seen off an attack by the savage Norsican advanced scouts, defending the small farmstead in which they are hiding from the Regent of Saxony with great bravery; for the moment the eldritch snowstorm that seems to have followed in the wake of the scouts has abated but the Khemrian death priest has seen a larger storm gathering on the northern horizon and making it’s way south towards Saxony.
Moroveer has gathered all the necessary equipment to attempt his subterfuge of sneaking back into Saxony disguised as a farmer selling his wares, he plans to take the spiritually changing (and now more than slightly reptilian) Lord Wulfric with him, disguised as a leper.
Although no longer frozen Gunnar Kron remains in a coma, in the grips of the entity known as the Winter King? What is this creature? Does it drive the Norsican urge for conquest or have they simply bought it forth? Is there really any truth to the rumours of ancient evils from the founding of the world? And what of the mythical Iad Uroboros, said to dwell outside the boundaries of the world?

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