Runeslinger’s Edge of Empire: Legacy of Destruction

I’ve just finished playing in another Edge of the Empire session run by Runeslinger; playing with Andre (who runs his own game Tides of Change) from the Brigade and two of Runeslinger’s regular face-to-face players; our motley crew consisted of:

  • Gavin Fell (played by Andre) – an out of condition Alderaanian pilot who was investigating the moon of Verdan VII, owner of a battered and decrepit YT class freighter.
  • Zero (played by David) – a rodian big game hunter who had arrived on the planet with his IG-100 bodyguard droid Iggy (played by myself) to hunt big game, but our ship had been trashed.
  • Tide – a medic who had been forced to work as a slave on the planet mining a strange energy absorbing/amplifying crystal whom had joined Zero and Iggy in their search for a way off world.


You can see the video actual play here on Runeslinger’s youtube channel:

The game was great fun and saw a lot of use of people spending advantages to help their team-mates; this was a great thing to see and I’m hoping it’s something I can take forward for my own Terror on the Outer Rim Edge of the Empire game.

For anyone who is interested, the character sheet I used for “Iggy” IG-100 can be accessed in PDF format by clicking here.ig100 overlay

Great game, thoroughly enjoyed it; I used Voxal voice software to change my voice to a droid sounding voice when I spoke which seemed to work okay and I hope added something to the game.

I’m definitely fired up now for my own groups Star Wars game in a few weeks time – many thanks to all involved with this game šŸ™‚

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