Rogue Trader Campaign Log – Session 8 : Down and Dead in the Underhive

As the shuffling shapes grew closer the swirling dirt of the hive bottom briefly settled, revealing a shambling horde of festering carrion shapes looming out of the darkness; the most horrifying thing though, was the glowing pinprick of green light that shone from the foreheads of each rotting corpse, like a baleful third eye searching constantly for prey. Enginseer Prime Pak had been adjusting his vox broadcaster and suddenly cried out in his eeriely monotone, mechanical voice, “Lord Captain Black, the comms have gone down!”

Only half paying attention, Lord Captain Fortunus Black nodded, as the creatures approached a strange feeling had stolen over him, it was not fear, Emperor knows he had faced his share of xenos and other horrors in battle, but it was as though an odd lethargy had shrouded his senses; the young member of House Black had always had a strong intuition that some said bordered on the precognitive, but he had grown up and being accustomed to it, now however he felt cut off, as though one of his limbs had been removed or had fallen asleep. Turning to his Navigator York Benetec, the Captain could see that the mutant warp pilot also appeared to be experiencing some difficulties, his complexion had paled and he swayed a little unsurely; with no time to waste the Captain directed Enginseer Pak to reprogram the Navigator’s grapplehawk servitor to deliver a message requesting aid, with the job done he dispatched the creature on it’s errand.
A short time later, greedy eyes watched as the grapplehawk struggled, broadcasting a holographic bust of the Captain repeating the message “We are under attack from servitor-like beings, they are using a green flame reminiscent of the wytchfire weapons used by some Eldar Corsairs, repeat, this is Lord Captain Fortunus Black of the Lunatic Pandora…”
Back at the settlement of Redtooth the shambled horder continued its unstoppable march forward, Thomas Vitanteurs men busied themselves fashioning makeshift fortifications from nearby detritus whilst Lord Captain Black addressed his men and Chief Confessor Cornelius rallied their spirits with heroic tales of Imperial Saints in situations grim who had, by the grace of the Emperor, triumphed. As the first of the carrion walkers reached the settlement, eager to test his mettle and prove an example to the men, the Chief Confessor, activated his forcefield and strode forward, lightning crackling around his hammer as he swung intot he shambled force; cheering as a zombie collapsed the men began to fire into the horde as it slowly closed on the building that they occupied, Lord Captain Black’s power sword flickered out and another fell.
There was a gasp of horror from the soldiers as some of the felled creatures began climbing to their feet, slimy metal filaments emerging from their wounds and binding together their wounds, returning them to fray; still firing, their courage holding thanks to the example of their leaders the soliders began to withdraw into the building whilst Vitanteurs men shored up the window and began firing outwards, their crude stubguns spitting death. There was a sudden flash of blinding light as one of the creatures charged Cornelius and smashed into his forcefield, several people collapsed backwards blinding by the light, but the Confessor remained unharmed. Enginseer Prime Pak stumbled forwards blinded, just as Cornelius’ thunder hammer smashed into the chest of one of the creatures, striking the infernal green heart of the beast, it exploded with a blast of heat and light, the force of the explosion hurling the techpriest through the window of the building, his body struck the wall and lay still.
Having seen that the creatures could be killed, the soldiers pured fired into the advancing horde, cheering with each greenfire explosion, but the endless wave continued; from inside the building Vitanteur called out for help, one of his men had begun thrashing about and a green light began to pulse behind the man’s forehead. Realising that the ganger had someone been infected, Benetec drew his inferno pistol and fired it into the ganger at close range, ending the danger that the infection might spread further. From outside silence suddenly fell, with a blinding green flash the creatures and the body of the infected ganger disappeared, leaving the dying echoes of gunfire as the only sound drifting across the settlement.

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