Rogue Trader Campaign Log – Session 7 : The Belly of the Beast

Thinking back to a more trouble free time, Enginseer Pak remembered a time when he ran with the gangs of his hiveworld home, bodging together tech for the local gangs ensured that he was largely left to his own devices. One day a local gang leader bought him a strange metal device that was like no human technology Pak had ever seen; as the ganger was explaining that his boys had jacked it from a supply train belonging to the notorious Vitanteur crime syndicate Pak’s home was surrounded by an Adeptus Arbites squad lead by the ruthless Proctor Erdman and shooting broke out.

During the gunfight, the strange piece of xenos tech was hit by stray las fire and began to pulse with a steadily brightening green light; a previously unseen figure in red techpriest robes who had been accompanying Proctor Erdman rushed to minister to the device. Rha-haz the techpriest called out for help stabilising the device in his strangely modulated voice and Pak dashed to his aid, between the two of them they were able to power down the xenos tech. With the crisis over the Arbiters began rounding up the gangers, but when it came to Pak the techpriest overruled Proctor Erdman, saying that the young man had some talent and might do well in the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Back in present day…

Navigator York Benetec landed on the planet (having shuttled down with the additional forces requested by Lord Captain Black) and quickly joined the others on their expedition into the underside. Arriving in a small settlement where they had arranged to meet Tomas Vitanteur to discuss purchase of armour they witnessed a group of thugs intent on beating a small blind girl; focussing the power of the warp Benetec unveiled his lidless gaze and struck down most of the thugs leaving their leader barely alive and swiftly dealt with.

Travelling to the tavern with whispers of “mutant” and “witchery” drifting after them following Benetecs display of power, they took the young girl with then; Pak was pleased to discover that the young Dana was cousin to Criute, the chef that he had got on so well with. Chief Confessor Cornelius noted with curiosity how some of the native, feral wildlife seemed to be very protective of Dana. Meanwhile the meeting with Tomas Vitanteur went ahead and Pak held his breath, would they recognise one of the men involved in the loss of syndicate xenos tech? Luckily the many cybernetic augments that Pak had undergone since joining the Mechanicus seemed to have sufficiently disguised his appearance and Lord Captain Black was able to purchase his armour in return for agreeing to smuggle Vorl a rogue heretek and his survivor offworld.

An alarm caused the group to rush outside where a tide of mutants from the hive sump were charging the settlement; Confessor Cornelius waded into the onrushing tide with only his faith in the Emperor and a Thunder Hammer to protect himself, however Benetec realised that the.mutants weren’t attacking but were fleeing something else.

The swirling dust clouds parted for a second to reveal a horde of shambling silhouettes with evil, glowing green eyes.

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