Rogue Trader Campaign Log – Session 2 : Aboard the Xenos Vessel

Upon arrival on the xenos ship the initial boarding party (consisting of Lord Captain Black and six warriors from the Lunatic Pandora) discover a virtually empty ship apparently occupied only by the already dead bodies of the xenos scum known as orks; suddenly and without warning, the Pandora loses comms contact with the Captain’s squad.

Awakening lying on his back in one of the ship’s corridors the Lord Captain finds himself covered in blood and his, still active, powersword is lying nearby; recovering his weapon Lord Captain Black notices a strange silver piece of alien technology that appears vastly more high-tech than the robust but chaotic technology used by the orks. A few hundred feet beyond the strange half globe of silver lies the eviscerated body of one of the guardsmen who had accompanied him on the boarding party; re-establishing contact with his ship the Lord Captain requests the presence of his Enginseer Prime to examine the alien technology, two boarding pods are dispatched from the Lunatic Pandora contacting Enginseer Prime Pak, Navigator York Benetic, Chief Confessor Cornelius and seven guardsmen.
Quickly joined by the secondary boarding parties, Enginseer Prime Pak and his Junior Tech-Adept Ghedia examine the xenos technology and discover that it appears to have been damaged/de-activated by autogun fire, they begin welding together a crude containment device for the small beetle-like object. Whilst this is occurring Confessor Cornelius and Navigator Benetec make some unsettling discoveries whilst checking their Lord Captain for injuries; Lord Captain Black has some small holes around the edge of his skull and it appears as though his power sword may have been responsible for the death of the marine lying nearby.
Following the sound of gunfire they come under attack by one of the survivors of the Lord Captain’s initial boarding party, the crazed guardsman wildly firing his autogun down a corridor at them until Navigator Benetec summons the power of his Warp Eye, freezing their enemy into immobility allowing Captain Black to render the man unconscious with a weapon butt to the chin.
Sending his hovering servo-skull servant on ahead the Enginseer witnesses another survivor of the first boarding party open a door into the xenos command bridge, he is rewarded when a large, partially cybernetic ork fires a huge shell through the open door, obliterating the unlucky guardsman. Arriving on the scene and hunkering down besides the door out of the line of fire, the Lord Captain presses the button and, as it creaks open, Imperial Confessor Cornelius hefts his flamer and fills the room with the cleansing fire of the Emperor, quickly reducing the alien to a charred husk.
Whilst examing the scene, a metal device similar to the one discovered earlier, unfurls metallic legs and mandibles leaping on Junior Tech Adept Ghedia, sinking its appendages into his face in a similar pattern to the holes discovered on Lord Captain Black; reacting quickly Navigator Benetec commends the young tech-adept’s soul to the Emperor before firing his Inferno Gun at close range into the young man’s skull, explosively boiling and detonating his brain. A short chase then ensues with the crew chasing the fast scuttling metal beetle down a corridor before Lord Captain Black slices the glowing green silver beetle in two with his power sword.
Recovering what they believe to be a flight recorder from the Ork ship as they leave, the boarding parties return to the Lunatic Pandorab, isolating the wreckage of the metallic beetle using the containment facilities built by Enginseer Prime Pak and (the now deceased) Ghedia; as they leave the Ork ship and the Lord Captain commands his first office Commander Polaris on the Pandora to destroy it, Pak whispers a prayer, commending the soul of Ghedia to the iron bosom of the Omnissiah. Arriving back on the Pandora they continue their mission and begin shuttling the transported technology down to the colony of Catan II; they are met by the commander of the Imperial Butcher City on the planet Commander Hardecker.
The grizzled Imperial veteran thanks the explorers for breaking through the xenos filth and delivering their much needed supplies; after treating them to a lavish feast he accompanies them back to their shuttles promising that he may have some further business opportunities for them in the future.
Back on the ship, Enginseer Prime Pak has succeeded in partially decoded the flight recorder from the Ork vessel; it appears to be a flight plan showing that the Orks recently visited a world that the Enginseer recognises as Caliban I, an Adeptus Mechanicus outpost that was cut-off from the outside world 50 years ago by terrible warp-storms. Cross-referencing the charts with the help of York Benetec (ship’s Warp Guide) the two crew members come to believe that the Orks discovered a (reasonably) stable warp corridor that should allow access to the previously cut-off Mechanicus outpost; as they return to Port Wander to re-supply Navigator Benetec cautions them that with each passing moment the likelihood of the corridor remaining stable becomes less.

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