Rogue Trader Campaign Log – Session 1 : A Mission of Mercy

Arriving on the Imperial port of Wander, last bastion of firm Imperial control before entering the wild frontier of the Koronus Expanse, the Lord Captain of the Lunatic Pandora immediately began searching for a way to make a profit; seeking to leave his past and the rumours about his family behind, Fortunus Black immediately sort out the local administratum station within the port. After showing his credentials to the local administratum scriptorum the Lord Captain was notified that the agri-world of Catan II required additional machinery (armoured quads) to herd their Grox; due to the depredations of raiders they were sorely depleted and their next official equipment dropoff by the Imperial Navy transports was not for several weeks.
Meanwhile the hunched deformed, pasty skinned hulk of a navigator York Benetec visits the Tower of the Emperors Contemplation, a huge observation tower with the exterior resembling a golden statue of the Emperor his hand reaching out towards the expanse, signifying the will of the God-Emperor spurring his subjects to explore the vast frontiers in his name.
The lower levels of the tower were studded with ornate statutery praising the Emperor, it became increasingly minimalist and bare as the navigator climbed the spiralling staircase, reaching a prestine observation dome where he met the tall, pale, skeletal figure of another member of House Benetec named Siegfried who warned him about disturbances in the Immaterium.
A short time later, setting out for the Catan II system York Benetec, the navigator of the vessel was able to safely steer the Lunatic Pandora through the shifting, deadly tides of the warp and bring them out near their destination a mere few days later; however, they had barely been in the system a few hours when long range sensors bought news of three ramshackle Xenos vessels bombarding the surface of the planet.
Attempting to sneak up to the xenos vessels using silent running the Lunatic Pandora was spotted by alien sensors and was forced to engage in a brutal shortrange firefight with them, eventually triumphing (although sustaining heavy damage and crew losses) thanks to some daring shooting and almost insane boarding actions lead by Lord Captain Black. During the attack, the aliens attempt to broadcast a powerful vox signal and override the Lunatic Pandora’s comms system – only quick thinking and action by Enginseer Prime Pak enables them to lock the intruding signal out of the ships vox system and prevent further harm.
As the final xenos vessel is disabled and begins to drift, Lord Captain Black takes a contingent of marines to board the vessel in an attempt to discover the xenos motives for the attack.

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