Rogue Trader Campaign Log – Session 10 : Two Houses United by War

Lord Black’s party were swiftly conveyed to the palatial estate that had been allocated for their use during their time on Hive World Decusis by it’s ruler Lord Corith Decusis, they were accompanied by the simpering Dorath Farah, seneschel to the ruler of the planet who had been assigned as their liaison during their stay. Whilst Farah began arranging a meeting between Lord Captain Black and Lord Decusis, techpriest Pak retired to one of the isolated halls of the mansion seeking privacy in order to begin delving into the strange secrets of the scarab-like device that he had recovered from old underhive vox tower, promising that he would also repair the Captain’s armour he was allowed to retreat into seclusion in order that he might better commune with the tech-spirits of the Omnissiah.

With the meeting arranged Lord Captain Black took the opportunity to bathe before outfitting himself in his best dress uniform, resplendent in the black and silver livery of his House, stopping briefly to talk to Criute, the chef present in the mansion and cousin of the young blind girl Dana that they sought to recruit for their crew. Criute seemed quite willing for the girl to make something better of her life, but worried that no-one would be behind to take care of her sick guardian, considering the matter, Lord Captain Black offered to setup a regular stipend for the care of the woman, if Criute would arrange it; taken aback by the generosity the young chef was only too happy to agree, glad that his cousin would be free from the oppressive pollution and grime of the hive world. Having likewise attired himself in his finest white, red trimmed robes Chief Confessor Cornelius and the black cowled form of York Benetec joined their Captain as they were lead to the luxurious quarters of Lord Corith Decusis, Imperial ruler of the planet.

Walking beneath the stretched silver skull logos of House Decusis, Lord Captain Black’s party were escorted by household guards into the main meeting hall where they had previously received an audience with the imperially sanctioned rulers of the hive world; Lord Decusis was flanked by his twin sister Dominique, the two nobles both bearing the eerie androgynous good looks and fashionable bald heads of their household.

Decusis was concerned by the Rogue Trader’s talk of strange robotic xenos creatures who (according to the Navigator York Benetec) were capable of moving through vast distances without the use of warp technology, his fears stoked by Confessor Cornelius’ suggestion that the asteroid field surrounding the planet would provide more than suitable ammunition were the Ordo Xenos of the Inquisition to become involved and to declare Exterminatus against the world. At one point these dire portents of doom caused Lady Dominique to swoon and temporarily take a small absence from the meeting, although she re-appeared several minutes later apparently no worse for wear.

By the time Lady Dominique re-entered the chamber, Lord Captain Black was in discussion regarding providing additional crew to Lord Black’s burgeoning fleet; he appeared willing but hesitant about the amount of crew members that Lord Black was requesting. With fairly little subtlety Lord Decusis proposed that their alliance be formalised with a marriage between Lord Black and his sister Lady Dominique, once that alliance had been forged and the safety of his world secured, Decusis would provide the crew required. In dire need, and aware that Lady Dominique had already displayed a liking for him, Lord Black agreed and a simple ceremony was conducted by Lord Decusis with York Benetec acting as witness for the groom and Dorath Farah acting as a witness for the bridge. Twin ribbons were used to tie the outstretched arms of the bride and groom together, white to represent their new life beginning together and red to symbolise the joining of their two bloodlines.

As the ceremony drew to a close Lord Decusis proclaimed that today would be a half-holiday and that a great celebration would be held in honour of the newly-weds.

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