Red Dice Diaries – video uploads

Recently i’ve been thinking about the frequency with with I upload videos to my Youtube channel, and i’ve generally approached it in a fairly sporadic way so far, posting videos when and where inspiration strikes me. I’ve been trying to discipline myself when it comes to managing my RPG campaign notes recently and have already started to see that have a positive effect, allowing me to manage my time more confidently (which is important considering the amount of games i’m involved in ATM, not to mention real-life commitments). My channel is now approaching 200 subscribers (197 as of time of writing, thank you everyone out in Youtube land who had subscribed, it is great appreciated :)) it has struck me that my channel might benefit from some of the same disciplined treatment.
Starting this week I have set myself the aspiration of putting out a single new video every Wednesday, this seems a fairly manageable target and should hopefully give the people following the channel a more regular schedule for new stuff being uploaded rather than the sort of scatter-gun approach that i’ve been taking so far.
So what videos do I have in mind at the moment?

Well the following are just some of the ideas that I have that I want to get around to filming:
  • Review – Age of Arthur (Fate)
  • Review – Within the Ring of Fire (RAW Immersive Games)
  • GM tips – Getting new players involved in RPGs
  • GM tips – how to encourage players to be more active in sessions
  • LARP bugbears – lengthy NPC briefs (with no notes)
  • Roleplaying based around equipment
  • Plus the usual actual-plays and stuff like that
I’m really excited and looking to the more regular schedule and filming some more videos over the coming weeks, hope that the people who watch my channel (and anyone who is new to it) will enjoy the videos 🙂

I’m not sure yet whether i’m going to use the new schedule to also update this written blog, I expect that i’ll try it for a bit and see how it works.

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