Preparing rules for Fate Accelerate Fantasy Game

A while ago I proposed the idea in my blog that perhaps D&D professions could be used as Approaches in a Fate Accelerated game (the original blog post is here for anyone interested); since then i’ve been reading a large number of D&D clone games (some better than others), have played an online G+ game using Fate and am currently reading my way through both 13th Age and Legends of Anglerre.
One of the benefits of Fate Accelerated when we used it in my first online G+ game was that it was extremely simple to grasp compared to most RPG rules and meant we didn’t have to spend hours messing around with character genning, fiddling with points or halting play to flip through rules. This simplicity was a great aid when dealing with people playing the game remotely and I wondered if it could be taken further.
I began thinking about whether it would be possible to abstract out the Approaches altogether and use one of the other elements, perhaps Aspects or Stunts, in their place; since Fate has such a thriving online community my first step was to search online and wouldn’t you know it, someone else has already thought of something similar 🙂
The RPG net forum thread I found on my search is here and the file that it lead me to is here; TheMouse has created a tri-fold pamphlet which suggests using just Aspects in Fate, when making a role the player adds up the number of Aspects that apply to the action in question and uses this as a modifier to the role, invoking and compelling works exactly the same as normal.
The pamphlet created by TheMouse doesn’t include provision for Stunts (as outlined) in the Fate Accelerated core book, but I think that the use of Aspects pretty much replaces them (although I may allow players to take a single Stunt that allows them a signature move).

Okay, so if I use these rules i’ll be looking at the following makeup for the characters.
  • Starting refresh/fate points: 5
  • Attributes
    • High concept: 1 (a summarisation of the character)
    • Trouble: 1 (the main complication in the characters life)
    • Nation: 1 (where the character comes from and what it’s like)
    • Motivation: 2 (things a character wants)
    • Attributes: 3 (describe intrinsic traits of the character)
    • Other: 3 (other things about the character, membership in a group, supernatural powers, etc)
  • Stunt: 1 (a signature move than can be used to do something cool once per session, as detailed in the Fate Accelerated book- costs 1 FP)
  • Stress: 3 boxes
  • Consequences: 3 consequence boxes

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    1. Cheers dude – hopefully it'll make things simpler, i'm also going to look at preparing some lists of examples for the various categories to give you guys some ideas rather than just handing you a blank piece of paper 🙂

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