Planet Spotlight: Catan II in the Catan System

Technology: +2 (warp use)
Environment: +3 (some garden worlds)
Resources: +2 (one significant export – grox meat)

Aspects: Grox exports & Imperial agri-colony.

A lush green planet covered in shallow rolling hills and grassland, from the Imperial Butcher city of Pulon experienced herdsmen farm the vast herds of  lizard-like Grox using mechanical quad-bikes and shock pikes; following regular schedules some of the grox are herded to the single city where skilled craftsmen butcher the animals, some of the meat being taken for local foodstuff and other being shipped off to the neighbouring Decusis system. The planet is under the charge of Commander Hardecker, a grizzled ex-Imperial Guard Captain from the shrine world of Omicron IV who lost an eye defending his post from servants of the ruinous powers; as a reward he was granted custody of the Catan system, although some see it as a form of enforced retirement.

Following the destruction of a number of Ork space vessels in high orbit by the Rogue Trader Fortunus Black, fragments of the ships form a debris field of space wreckage.

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