Narrative Fighter Combat plug-in for FATE

Leading on from my recent Rogue Trader game (session 16, write-up here) i’ve been thinking about more fast-paced ways to represent aspects of the game such as fighter and space combat; currently i’m trialing the method below, it’s not really big or detailed enough to be classified as a ‘hack’ so i’m currently calling it a ‘plug-in.’
Narrative Vehicle Combat Plug-in

This plug-in is designed for vehicles of similar size and may require some tweaking if vehicles of a vastly different size are in combat; the plug-in is based on how mooks are statted in Fate Accelerated Edition.
Both vehicles receive three consequence boxes, 1 mild, 1 moderate and 1 severe they have no stress boxes but start taking consequences as soon as they get damaged (let’s face it, it’s more interesting to have your thrusters blown out or targeting systems damaged than simply ticking a stress box off).
The two vehicles use the drive skills of their pilots as the basis for the roll; work out which which vehicle has the better armaments and give it a +2 modifier to it’s attack roll, the other recieves a +0 modifier (although both pilots may use stunts if they have them). Then consider which vehicle is most maneuverable and give it a +2 to it’s defence roll.
Combat proceeds as per the normal rules in FATE core until one side is taken out of the fight or flees the combat. 

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