Memorable quotes from session 7 of our Serpents Fall game

Some of my favourite quotes from Session 7 of our Serpents Fall game:

“Catch the wind boys” – Pige(Naysus)

“Unconventional, but that’s the type of captain I am” – Afrodave( as Lantino)

“Full sails, give me every inch of speed you’ve got” – Fozz( as Benito)

“All the boys are riled up they know what’s coming we’ve done it plenty of times before i’m just going head charge straight in, I don’t care where I hit, i’m going straight into the ship, as soon as we hit i’m going to use the momentum to just fly over onto the ship and start chinning fools” – Pige(Naysus)
“Go on lad!” – Afrodave( as Lantino)

“What sort of fearsome battle cry would your crew use to strike fear into the enemy?” – Me(GM)
“We’re basically all frothing and screaming whilst firing off the cannons randomly – they know we’re coming” – Pige(Naysus)

“No, no, my window is closed, f*ck off!” – Afrodave

“Unjustly imprisoned by these foul Saxons” – Me( as Horningold Blythe)
“Foul sacks of sh*t!” – Jon( as Moroveer)

“All this jumping about isn’t my bag” – Pige( as Naysus)
“Yeah, all looks a bit fruity to me” – Me( as one of Naysus’ crew)

“We just like following Benito round and chinning fools for him” – Pige( as Naysus)

“I’m guessing this guys dead now” – Pige( as Naysus)
“LOL by John’s expression i’d guess so” – Afrodave

“I’ve got a couple of my boys keeping hench” – Pige( as Naysus)

“They’ll bind your soul into their unholy crew! And you’ll be damned!! DAMNED!!!” – Me( as Old Seamus)

“He says king as though it rhymes with ‘dog sh*t'” – Me( describing Horningold Blythe’s tone)

“I need a word with him, how’s five gold to f*ck off?” – Carvell( as Moroveer to Old Seamus)

“I’d like to get you and a couple of your toughest and quietest guys” – Fozz( as Benito)
“Let’s just stick with toughest” – Pige( as Draven Naysus)

“LOL he’s even more smashed than me” – Pige( as Draven Naysus)
“Well yeah you’ve just been on your ship sipping the liquor there, whereas Benito’s been trawling the town taverns for booty and booze” – Me(GM)

“As soon as the alarm bell goes Draven’s crew pretty much run out in their pants wielding knives and swords, they stand on the deck waving their weapons about” – Me(GM)

“Cragg you b*stard” – Pige( as the recently deceased Draven Naysus)

“Sorry who took the Piece of Eight?” – Fozz( as Benito)
“Cragg… or as I like to call him, Lord Cragg” – Me(GM)

“I’m still gunning for Lantino, i’ve known him for longer and he’s shanked me” – Fozz( as Benito)
“Once a slave, always a slave” – Afrodave( as Lantino)

“How the hell did you survive?!” – Carvell( as Moroveer)

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