Keeping Track of Aspects for our Serpents Fall Game

I’m always looking for ways to improve our online Serpents Fall game (and indeed any game that I run), it occurred to me recently that part of the reason that players might not be as on the ball with Self-compels and using Aspects may be (in part or in full) due to them being unaware of the Aspects that are actually available for them to use.

It’s my intention, starting from next session to have a document (probably in the same Google Drive where the character sheets are stored) that lists all of the player Aspects and also any scene/NPC Aspects that the player characters are aware of available so that they can simply flick to the document in order to see what Aspects are available for use.

At the moment the document will look something like this:

* * *

Aspects Available




  • Ozuchi Komodo
    • Last of the Komodo Tribe
    • Those Stygian Shaman will stop at nothing
    • Medicine man
    • Easily assimilates local culture
    • Stygian
    • One day I will return to Stygia and unite my people as the prophecy foretold

  • Horesh Komani
    • Initiate sorceror death-priest
    • Uncomfortable with living energies
    • Destined for sorcerous greatness
    • Skilled with ceremonial obsidian death knives
    • Khemrian
    • It is my destiny to become the most powerful death-priest in Khemria

  • Gunnar Kron
    • Raiding party warrior
    • Murderous reputation
    • Experience raider
    • Warriors instincts
    • Norsican
    • I will redeem my past
  • Captain Benito
    • Cursed pirate captain
    • Cursed to never again sail the seas
    • Lemurian Heritage
    • Stick to the code
    • Member of the Scarlet Brotherhood
    • One day I will take back my rightful place as the Pirate King

* * *

It is also my intent to discuss with the players re-wording their Aspects slightly to make them into phrases that could more comfortably form part of a normal sentence, some of them already fulfil this criteria but I think there’s room to make them a little bit more descriptive now that we’re all a little more comfortable with how Aspects work.

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