Welcome to the Red Dice Diaries

Welcome to the revised Red Dice Diaries website, I love roleplaying games and the shared creative stories that we can tell with these game. I’ve always seen RPGs as a collaboration between different people and, since I started my first roleplay blog back in February 2013 (and began putting out roleplaying videos on my Red Dice Diaries Youtube Channel shortly after), i’ve wanted to put my own ideas out there for other peopl to look at, consider, shake up and generally tut about; what I got was far more than I expected, i’ve had the priviliege of talking to and gaming with some excellent people thanks to the miracle of modern technology.

They’ve been exposed to my ideas and in return i’ve read great material from numerous different authors (even starting to have some of my own material published) and have been able to consider ideas from people with different backgrounds, worldviews and lifestyles – all of this has helped me become a better roleplayer and I hope that other people have gained from it as well. But there has to be a way of doing more and expanding more (despite the grisly spectre of ‘limited free time’ who menaces us all as real-life takes a more pivotal role); in that spirit I’m planning to bring all of my Youtube, Blog, Podcast and other RPG material together using this one website to make it a one stop shop for all your tabletop roleplaying game needs.

Eventually the reddicediaries.com domain that I own will point to this website (rather than the older site); however at the minute it’s in the process of transferring but I couldn’t resist tinkering around with this new site whilst that was going on.

This website was built using WordPress on the webhost Tsohost; i’m currently hoping to create more audio/podcast material and have signed up for a Libsyn account to do this.

Many thanks also go to Liz Mackie for her invaluable technical advice whilst I was considering re-creating the Red Dice Diaries website.

We love hearing what you think, however any spam or abusive posts will be ruthlessly removed and deleted, as will those that ramble off topic.