Fate Accelerated – Ships

I have decided to trim down the Approaches of vehicles somewhat since I don’t think that all of the standard player Approaches are required; I have decided to go with the following Skills/Approaches: 
  • Speed : Representing sailing speed and maneuverability.
    • Used to attack if ramming.
    • Used to defend if attempting to avoid damage via maneuverability.
  • Combat: Representing the ships ability to both deal out punishment and to receive it.
    • Used to attack with cannons or other weapons.
    • Used to defend if attempting to deal with damage via the ships innate toughness.
Below are the list of statistics that I have come up with for numerous different ship types:

I have amalgamated stress with the number of crew a ship possesses; for each point of stress the ship has 10 crew, during a combat each of these can be used to soak one level of stress (in addition to the option of using the ship’s consequences). Any ship reduced to half crew or less has it’s Approach/Skill scores halved (rounding down) until it can replenish crew (the ship stress boxes can only be ‘healed’ by taking on more crew).
If a player character is onboard then they may choose to take stress intended for the ship on their own character instead should they so wish.
Each of the ships received two fate points that can be used with it’s Aspects, and player characters can also use their own fate points to aid the ship, but only if they have an appropriate Aspect.
The Stunt Cannons means that when a ship fires it may target all enemies is the same zone using a single roll, the enemies then make seperate defence rolls to avoid harm as normal; any differences in scale are added/deducted to any stress caused after defence rolls have been made.

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