Dresden Files Accelerated – The Motor City Files

I recently had the good fortune to be invited to play in a short mini-campaign of Dresden Files Accelerated ran by John Drury of Roll For Your Fate; in case you’re not aware, Dresden Files Accelerated Edition (referred to henceforth as DFAE in this article) is the second game in Jim Butchers Dresdenverse– you can find more info on that here–the first used an early iteration of the Fate Core system and was great fun but was a little clunky in places IMO. DFAE uses the streamlined Accelerated build of the system and has obviously benefited greatly from lessons learned since the original was released.

In John’s game–named The Motor City Files–we built a campaign using the guidelines in the book that takes place in modern day Detroit, our cast of characters was a group of fairly oddball individuals:

  • Thomas Elmeblom playing as Doctor Robert Pritchard a healer with fey heritage who was haunted by a restlessless spirit.
  • Dennis Kellogg Jr playing as Michael Lee aka Shadowfist, a street patrolling vigilante, self-trained in martial arts and capable of harnessing his own chi.
  • Mathew Bryan playing as the photographer Michael Dumont, although an ordinary man on the surface, he had acquired shapeshifting powers under mysterious circumstances on one of his expeditions.
  • Myself playing as Annika Kjellberg, a Valkyrie and employee of Monoc Security, currently on vacation.

I had great fun playing the game and hope John doesn’t mind that I decided to gather the two recorded sessions together in this post.

If you’ve not checked out John’s Youtube channel, I highly recommend you do so – there’s some great games and discussions on there 🙂

One thought on “Dresden Files Accelerated – The Motor City Files”

  1. My own group includes a wizard, Valkyrie, a werewolf, a Jade Court Vampire (homebrew), plus three clued-in (sort of) mortals. Wild times all around.

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