Creating a Fate Accelerated Fantasy Game

Having just completed GMing my first G+ online game (a mashup of GTA and the mythos christened Grand Theft Chtulhu, part 1 write-up here and part 2 write-up here) and given that it went quite well, all the players seemed to enjoy it and I certainly had great fun running it despite a few technical difficulties and it being a little challenging to sync all of our RL schedules together.
I always think that a good measure of how much the players have enjoyed a session is whether or not they are keen to come back and play again; given that we managed to organise the second session running only a few days after the first for our last game and that the players were already talking about what we could next, I would judge the endeavour a success thus far. But that did raise the question, what game do we run next?
Originally one of the suggestions for our first game had been to run something set in a fantasy world, but we didn’t use that idea in end, however now we’re potentially talking about doing a more long running campaign using the Google+ hangouts, I think that some sort of epic fantasy campaign could be just the thing we need; plus I am just finishing reading the Fate game ‘Legends of Anglerre’ and, whilst I don’t think i’d run an Anglerre campaign as depicted in the book, it certainly has some great ideas in it that have fired my imagination for running some fantasy.
What sort of fantasy campaign should it be and what should be in it?
I’ve spoken at fairly great length both on this blog and my Youtube Channel about how I am a great fan of games (such as Dungeon World and FATE) that encourage a collaborative approach to world and campaign design, so it should come as no surprise that I want to get the players involved in the decision making from the ground up, nor do I want to restrict us entirely to the traditional westernised version of fantasy; as I put it to my players, “if you want magi-tech and mecha that’s fine as well.”
I’m looking forward to the conversation (which we’re trying to organise on G+ for next week) and intend to post it to my Youtube channel using the Hangouts on Air feature; I might even attempt to use some sort of cutdown version of the yes/no list from Microscope.

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