[Con-RPG] Business Cards disguised as Fate Chips

By | 3rd December 2014
I was thinking of how to do something different rather than the usual business cards to take with me to Dragonmeet when the thought of combining my need for a business card with my love of the Fate RPG occurred; handily for me my wife is just starting up a business with some friends called Hide n Teak (you can find their website here) where they laser cut all manner of produce. Hannah cut me some sample keyrings when they were first testing their laser cutter, so I asked whether it would be possible to produce some fate chips with my Red Dice Diaries logo on the front and the address of this website on the back.
Not only did Hannah produce them but they look absolutely stunning and would be great as game pieces, poker or fate chips; here’s hoping the people I give them to like them as much as I do.

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