Complete Graveyard Shift

Just ran a very enjoyable session of Edge of the Empire for a group of great players (most of whom I’ve not had the pleasure of gaming with before), the session was titled ‘Graveyard Shift’ and focussed on a group of smugglers who had been hired to take some colonists on a pilgrimage to the Alderaanian system. I’ll be putting up a post shortly discussing how I thought the game went, but until then here is the complete list of videos connected with the game.


Intro Crawl

An introduction to the set-up of the session in the traditional Star Wars introduction crawl style.

Actual Play

This video shows the actual session.


A short video tying up some loose ends and providing possible set-up for future sessions.

I very much enjoyed GM-ing the game, fantastic group of players and great fun all round 🙂

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