Appendix N (additional)

GEORGIAN MAPS OF LONDON Since writing my Appendix N post discussing a book I’ve been reading concerning the Georgian era (you can read the post here), I’ve also been searching for maps and other interesting things related to the same era on the internet and thought I’d highlight a couple of the more interesting websites […]

AJ Pickett’s D4 System

AJ Pickett has recently posted his minimal D4 system on facebook, the system is essentially based around the random roll of a D4, although the author does provide some suggestions for incorporating skills/talents. Click here to see the system

Useful link: British Pathé

The British Pathé youtube channel collects archived footage about particular topics from the days when news reels used to be shown in cinemas, some very interesting stuff and also shows the biases and thoughts of the time when the reels were made, could be very useful to GMs running period games:

Useful link: Gypsy magic, old names for herbs

This page on the Gypsy Magic website provides an A-Z list containing traditional names for herbs, these would be great for adding a bit of extra flavour in a fantasy campaign:

Useful link –

Chris Willhelm posted this very useful link on facebook to a website containing a bestiary of Japanese ghosts and monsters, great as RPG inspiration. Thanks for highlighting this great resource Chris.

Updating Star Wars Notes

Okay, with upgrading my computer software and filming RPGaDay2015 videos I got a bit behind with updating the notes for my Star Wars Terror on the Outer Rim campaign notes; luckily we’re only a couple of sessions in so I have time to do it. Over the last couple of days I’ve been listening the […]

The Arcana Wiki – Generators

The Arcana Wiki has a tools menu containing an excellent series of random generators (covering a number of different subjects) that will be very helpful to time-pushed GMs:  

Donjon RPG Generators

If you’re looking for some names for your NPCs, or maybe you’re running a Sci-Fi game and you need a quick star system or world; look no further than Donjon‘s website: The site is crammed full of random generators that will be of great use for the time-pushed GM.

The Importance of Feedback in RPGs

No-one starts off as the world’s best GM, when I think of how truly shocking that very first game of WFRP I ran was I give a little shudder, but at the time we all had fun and we learned a lot from that first game; I always say to people that there’s nothing wrong […]

The Lounge interviews Johnn Four

In his excellent podcast The Lounge, Misdirected Mark Productions interviews Johnn Four (the mastermind behind the excellent RPT newsletter that I contribute articles to) where they discuss a lot of things about RPGs, including mythology and the recent Mythic Gods & Monsters books co-authored by Johnn and myself. You can find a link to the […]