[Video-RPG] RPG Interview with Gary Harper from RP Haven (Dragonmeet 2014)

At Dragonmeet 2014 we also had the opportunity to talk to Gary Harper from RP Haven about the work they are doing within the community to promote roleplay.

RP Haven website: Http://www.rphaven.co.uk

The MP3 version of this interview can be downloaded here:

[Video-RPG] RPG Interview with Leo Marshall from Indyhippo (Dragonmeet 2014)

An interview with Leo Marshall from Indyhippo at Dragonmeet 2014 where we talk about indy games, the future of story lead games and the UK RP Design Collective.

UK RP Design Collective website: Http://ukrpdc.wordpress.com/

MP3 version of this interview available here: 

[Video-RPG] RPG Interview – Graham Bottley from Arion Games (Dragonmeet 2014)

At the recent Dragonmeet Convention we were lucky enough to be able to grab a few minute’s of Graham Bottley’s time to talk about previous projects from Arion Game including (of course) the re-release of Advance Fighting Fantasy, and also what the future holds for Arion.
Arion games website: http://www.arion-games.com
The MP3 version of the interview is available here: 

[RPG] Numenera Session Notes

I’ve just finished running a very enjoyable Numenera where the whole of reality and even people’s memories was questioned by the player characters before they discovered the horrible truth that the world they thought that they knew had been ended hundreds of years before at the hands/tentacles if an alien menace called the Widow Makers and that their world was a copy saved from destruction through the mind of a genius Nano and the power an ancient machine called the Latos.
The final session of the game was broadcast live (despite some technial difficulties) and can be watched by clicking on the video thumbnail below.
Despite the dark premise the game ostensibly had a happy ending with one of the player character taking the place of the previous occupant at the heart of the machine and repairing the damage done to their world.
Given that the campaign has now finished I thought that i’d share some of the notes that I made in advance of the final session; a lot of this had existed up until this point only in my head but I wanted to get it all down in black and white before the last game.
The picture below shows the bizarre ecology that existed within the bowels of the great machine:
The picture below shows the rough layout of the area where the final session took place:
More details about the stalactite tower hanging from the cavern roof and the inhabitants:

A closer look at the great machine:

A few quick sketches and stat-notes for the potential encounters during the final game:

I really had a great time playing Numenera, the system is fairly easy to use (although not the most intuitive i’ve ever used) and get to grips with and the strange background is great, encouraging you to think of truly weird concepts and use them in ways that you might not have considered before.

G+ Business Page – Simple tutorial

There was a lot of fuss when G+ and Youtube were linked, people complaining that they had to use their real names on their Youtube accounts now; well you actually don’t, if you link a G+ Business Page to your YT account.
I’ve put together a simple tutorial on how to do this below that I hope will help.
  • You must be logged in as your main G+ profile.

  • Choose business type, I went for Brand

  • You will then be taken to this screen where you can set up
    profile pic, settings, etc and post as your business page.

  • You will still be able to access all of your other pages and
    your main ID.

  • To link a page to your YT account go to settings

  • In settings scroll down to third part tools and click on set
    up a password.

  • You will then be prompted to enter your main password

  • Create password, this will allow you to sign in as your G+
    business page.

  • You should see this screen.

  • If you now log out of your main user area you will be able
    to sign back in using the business page username and password (in this case the
    username was test-page-1645@pages.plusgoogle.com).

  • To add a gmail account to your G+ business page (which also
    has the nice side-effect of making your username/log in for the business page a
    bit more user-friendly), go to https://accounts.google.com/b/0/AddMailService#inbox,
    as long as you are logged in as your G+ business page the gmail account will
    automatically be assigned to your new business page.

  • You will now be able to log in to your business page as your
    new gmail email address.

  • If you have an existing YT account then you should be able
    to link it to a G+ business page using the settings on Youtube (make sure you
    have your login and password for your G+ business page.)

Dyvers Great Blog Roll Call 2014 and moving towards a more video orientated format

I’ve recently been reading through Dyvers 2014 Great Blog Roll Call and was very pleasantly surprised to see this blog mentioned in the list, i’ve quoted the entry below for convenience:

An enjoyable blog that has recently begun to focus more on an AV aspect of blogging than on a written one. An interesting blog all the same.

I especially found it interesting the mention of an increased focus on the AV aspect of blogging rather than the written one; this was something that seems to have crept up on me gradually (and without me really thinking about it) as the games that I was writing about originally wrapped up and I started playing more online games. Since the online games were normally recorded anyway it seemed logical to make videos about them rather than write a lot of stuff about them (session reports aside); i’ve always been a believer that you can take something positive out of almost any feedback so I looked back over the blog and, having been made aware of it, I think that the author of the Roll Call was correct, all of my blog entries recently had been links to videos or session reports.
This was something that i’d not really considered up until it was mentioned, however, now that I am aware of it I plan to do something about it; my Youtube channel (which I enjoy very much and will be continuing to support) receives at least one video uploaded per week (assuming no accidents or real-life emergencies), normally on a Wednesday, going forward it is my intent to do the same for my written blog, designating Wednesday evenings firmly as blog & video evenings. Of course i’ll still be linking to videos in the blog but I wouldn’t want to abandon the written aspect of blogging since I find it gives me a different sort of enjoyment to creating videos and is also something I can do whilst sat downstairs whereas videos have to be set up to have minimal background noise, lighting, etc.

Also I have a new game starting this weekend, a Dungeon World game set in the Dark Sun campaign setting (or at least something based loosely on it, since a large part of Dungeon World’s enjoyment comes from finding out about the setting as you play) so expect some blog entries about that shortly 🙂

Many thanks to Charles Atkins author of the Dyvers 2014 Great Blog Roll Call for his kind words about the blog and for bringing to light something that had escaped my notice, I hope to use the feedback to see my blog (and Youtube channel) go from strength to strength.

Red Dice Diaries – video uploads

Recently i’ve been thinking about the frequency with with I upload videos to my Youtube channel, and i’ve generally approached it in a fairly sporadic way so far, posting videos when and where inspiration strikes me. I’ve been trying to discipline myself when it comes to managing my RPG campaign notes recently and have already started to see that have a positive effect, allowing me to manage my time more confidently (which is important considering the amount of games i’m involved in ATM, not to mention real-life commitments). My channel is now approaching 200 subscribers (197 as of time of writing, thank you everyone out in Youtube land who had subscribed, it is great appreciated :)) it has struck me that my channel might benefit from some of the same disciplined treatment.
Starting this week I have set myself the aspiration of putting out a single new video every Wednesday, this seems a fairly manageable target and should hopefully give the people following the channel a more regular schedule for new stuff being uploaded rather than the sort of scatter-gun approach that i’ve been taking so far.
So what videos do I have in mind at the moment?

Well the following are just some of the ideas that I have that I want to get around to filming:
  • Review – Age of Arthur (Fate)
  • Review – Within the Ring of Fire (RAW Immersive Games)
  • GM tips – Getting new players involved in RPGs
  • GM tips – how to encourage players to be more active in sessions
  • LARP bugbears – lengthy NPC briefs (with no notes)
  • Roleplaying based around equipment
  • Plus the usual actual-plays and stuff like that
I’m really excited and looking to the more regular schedule and filming some more videos over the coming weeks, hope that the people who watch my channel (and anyone who is new to it) will enjoy the videos 🙂

I’m not sure yet whether i’m going to use the new schedule to also update this written blog, I expect that i’ll try it for a bit and see how it works.

Reflecting on the first Serpents Fall session

Well we made our first attempt at running an introductory session of Serpents Fall (our G+ Fate Accelerate Fantasy game) last night; i’ve just sent off messages to all of the players in it asking for feedback and thought i’d put my own views in this blog.
You can find a link to the video footage here.
For me the game was something of a mixed bag, consisting of both positives and negatives; since I was on a bit of a downer following the amount of work that myself and the players had put into the campaign setting only to have the first session so dogged by technical hitches I thought that i’d list some of the positive and negative points in an attempt to cheer myself up:
  • Everyone seemed to enjoy the session.
  • Character genning was fairly quick and I really loved how the players all grabbed hold of the story based idea of the Fate Accelerated rules system.
  • Was good to do some tabletop with friends whom I don’t get chance to game with (in that format).
  • The player characters seemed to gel as a party with the first flickers of IC banter and relationships forming.
  • We managed to carry out a small introductory (since not all players are familiar with the Fate Accelerated rules) combat that went off fairly well.
  • The scene is now set for the next main session.
  • All of the players seemed willing and keen to do another session.

  • Almost constant technical problems meant that we had people dropping out and jumping back in, I got booted from the hangout twice meaning that we ended up having to film it in three segments.
  • Due to the tech problems the game felt a little dis-jointed since we had to keep re-capping for people who had dropped out and re-joined.

In Summary

Despite feeling a little down about the campaign when I originally sat down to start writing this post, looking at the list of positives and negatives there are far more positives from the game than their were negatives, indeed the only negative points seem to stem from the technical issues that we had.
Writing this post has cheered me up no end and made me far more optimistic about the potential of Serpents Fall as a long running campaign; I’m now going to wait for the players to get back to me with their feedback and see where we go from there, our next session is scheduled for a couple of weeks time – hopefully we’ll have a bit better luck on the technical side of things and we can just jump straight into the game 🙂

Expanding and linking my channel

After Jacek Brzezowski commented on one of my videos on G+ about setting up an RSS feed it occurred to me that I had a number of different ‘pages’ spread across the internet to do with my blogging and Youtube channel; it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to consolidate them.

Below is the current list of ‘pages’ for my channel: