Voicemails – Hex flowers, inventories and stats

In this voicemail episode Hannah and myself answer a number of voicemail calls we’ve received recently.

Our callers this episode were:

Voicemails on shrooms, one shots, dogs & dice

In this episode I respond to a number of voicemails received recently, discussing topics as diverse as mushrooms, the place for one-shots and collecting dice.

Have an opinion or thoughts on this topic? Leave us a voicemail at: https://anchor.fm/the-red-dice-diaries/message

Theme tune isĀ Exotica by Juanitos, used under Public Domain licence.

New Year’s Eve Simian Meanderings

It’s the last episode of 2019, and in this Oxidised Schwifty Resonator voicemail episode of the Red Dice Diaries, Barney from Loco Ludus is kind enough to leave me some messages concerning my recent musings on the treatment of prehistoric man in D&D and various retroclones, we have some well-wishes and interesting points of discussion.

Podcast Episode 37 – Listener Messages about the OSR & V5

In this episode of the podcast I answer a few voicemail messages about recent episodes:

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