GM Tips: Use letters in your games

It’s Tip Tuesday here on Red Dice Diaries, and in this video I’m talking about some of my favourite handouts, newspaper clippings and letters:

[RPG] Tip Tuesday #2 – Always carry a notepad

As a GM you’ll often have ideas in the strangest of places, perhaps when you first wake up or just before you fall to sleep at night (or maybe in some even stranger places), it’s very easy for these ideas to just get lost and never be recovered, get into the habit of carrying a […]

[RPG] Tip Tuesday #1 – Ask Questions of your players

A problem that GMs often seem to run into when creating games is that the expectations of the GM and the players differ; you might think that your players want a freewheeling game of swashbuckling adventure, when they were actually picturing a game of political intrigue with the lords of the seven islands each vying […]