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[Session Write-up] Sapphire Islands – Dungeon World Mini-campaign – Session 9

By | 13th January 2015

Korra stood on the deck of the ship, emerald green sails billowing in the wind above her, Mikhail was stood nearby steering the mighty vessel on it’s course back towards her home, the Sapphire Islands, he had bought them worrying tales of the Sapphire Emperor joining the dark forces of the The Child that even… Read More »

Dungeon World – Sapphire Island mini-campaign

By | 15th June 2014

Okay, so last night I started up a mini-campaign (10 sessions or so) for my wife and a couple of friends, we’ve been playing a few one-offs together recently and they’d agreed to have me run some Dungeon World for them; people who’ve read my earlier blog entries will know that i’ve just started running… Read More »