Podcast Episode 52 – Unique Foci in Stars Without Number

In this podcast myself and Johannes Paavola discuss our recent playtesting of the Behind the Walls adventure that I’ve been working on with Glynn Seal from Monkeyblood Design, we then move on to discuss me taking a unique foci for my character in his Stars Without Number campaign:
Title Music Shinigami by XTaKeRuX:
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Podcast Episodes 31 & 32 – Johannes Paavola double-feature

I’m away for the weekend LARPing so–as a treat–I thought that I’d release a couple of episodes simultaneously, I’m lucky enough to be joined in these episodes by Johannes Paavola to talk about V20, the WOD, OSR, Stars Without Number and other such stuff.

Episode 31 – JP & John talk V20 and WOD

In this first episode of our JP double-feature, we discuss Johanne’s excellent V20 Sabbat game, the old WOD, how it’s aged and a few initial thoughts on the new version of vampire, V5.

Here is a link to the website Utility Muffin Labs that Johannes mentions in the podcast.

Episode 32 – JP & John talk OSR and Stars Without Number

In the second episode of our double-feature we chat about OSR games in general and go all fan-boy about Kevin Crawford’s stuff.

Here are some links related to the discussion in Episode 32:

Many thanks to Johannes for joining us for these two episodes, we hope that you enjoy listening to them as much as we did filming them 🙂