Rogue Trader Campaign Log – Session 3 : Into the Storm (Fate of the Venerus)

Prelude 806.M41 Planet Telec – Hive Primus (House of Black) Ten years before the present day, five years before Fortunus Black would meet his cousin Polaris Black in a bar on the outlaw settlement of Footfall and offer him the first officer position on his ship… Rising high above the toxic industrial clouds of the […]

Rogue Trader Campaign Log – Session 2 : Aboard the Xenos Vessel

Upon arrival on the xenos ship the initial boarding party (consisting of Lord Captain Black and six warriors from the Lunatic Pandora) discover a virtually empty ship apparently occupied only by the already dead bodies of the xenos scum known as orks; suddenly and without warning, the Pandora loses comms contact with the Captain’s squad. […]

Rogue Trader Campaign Log – Session 1 : A Mission of Mercy

Arriving on the Imperial port of Wander, last bastion of firm Imperial control before entering the wild frontier of the Koronus Expanse, the Lord Captain of the Lunatic Pandora immediately began searching for a way to make a profit; seeking to leave his past and the rumours about his family behind, Fortunus Black immediately sort […]