Nations in my Forthcoming FATE fantasy campaign

I’ve managed to nail down the following nations/groups of people for my forthcoming campaign:

  • Norsica – frozen tundra, barren, viking barbarians who often sail south in their longboats seeking to raid for supplies and slaves/thralls.
  • Horse People – although descended from Norsicans the Horse People tribes are now very distinct and seem to spend their lives in the saddle roaming the grassy tundra and plains (think Mongols).
  • Saxony – kingdom ruled by king who is advised by the noble barons of hereditary ruling families (based on real-world Saxons).
  • Khemri – a dark desert kingdom ruled by death-obsessed sorceror kings from ziggurat tomb-cities (a sort of evil/occult version of ancient Egypt).
  • Stygia – a land of dry plains and scrubland that was decimated by a the civil-war that lead to the birth of Khemri, Stygia is rules by tribes who worship ancestor spirits and have a great number of tribal taboos, one being a prohibition against using evil magics (think mythic Africa).
  • Celtia – a warlike land populated by a people who have rejected the civilisation introduced by the Serpent Empire (and later embraced by Saxony), the Celts are divided into family grouping, each rules by their own King, in times of dire need this Kings will call a council where they will elect a High-King for the duration of the crisis.
  • Scarlet Brotherhood – a loose affiliation of mercenaries, pirates and thieves who are located mainly (although not exclusively) on the Sword Isles.
I’m also thinking that the magic (which won’t be available at the start of the game since it’s a low magic setting) will be focussed mainly around summoning spirits to do your bidding rather than affecting elements of the setting directly since I think this spirit-bargaining could be an interesting RP element.
Now I just need a name for the world and the campaign.