RPGaDay 2019 Episodes 7-12

Here’s our latest batch of RPGaDay podcast episodes: Day 7: Familiar Day 8: Obscure Day 9: Critical Day 10: Focus Day 11: Examine Day 12: Friendship

RPGaDAY2019 Episodes 1-6

Okay, so I’ll admit I’ve fallen a bit behind with this years #RPGaDay, I barely seem to have blinked and we’re six days into August (at time of writing) and I’d not put out a video, blog or anything to do with it. Handily, with the help of my lovely wife Hannah I’ve been able […]

Podcast – RPGaDay Questions

In these podcast episodes, Johannes Paavola, Lloyd Guan and myself answer the RPGaDay questions for 2018: If you want to know more about RPGaDay 2018 then check out Autocratik’s (the guy who started it) blog here:¬†http://autocratik.blogspot.com/

RPGaDay 2017 – End of the First Week

It’s the end of the first week of #RPGaDay 2017, there has been a massive response to this years RPGaDay, hundreds of videos and loads of blog posts with people getting involved and talking about the hobby. What is RPGaDay? If you’re not familiar with RPGaDay, essentially during the month of August people answer a […]

RPGaDay 2017

For those of us involved in a certain sub-section of the online TT RPGing community, the approach of August can only mean one thing, it’s almost time for RPGaDay – that special time of year when numerous roleplayers dredge through their memories and strive to create a series of blog and video posts talking about […]