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Abridged Videos?

Unfortunately, during the last session of our Rose of Westhaven campaign a windows update related hitch meant that–whilst the players could hear me during the session–none of my audio actually made it onto the live-stream, obviously this is a bit of a problem for a game where an RPG where the GM does the scene-setting, describes NPCs and such-like. It’s not realistic for me to re-record all of my audio for the session, but it occurred to me that I could probably put together an abridged version of the session and record audio for that, clipping in some of the players dialogue.

That got me thinking, how many people actually watch/like actual plays in the first place?

Do you like and watch actual-plays?
I like them but don\'t have time to watch them.
4 Vote
I like them and watch them.
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No I don\'t like them or watch them.
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I appreciate the difficulties people have with actual-plays, personally I enjoy watching them (always good to see how other people game and pick up some ideas) but it’s rare I get to sit down and just watch a Youtube video for three or four hours.

The following is the abridged video that I put together for our Rose of Westhaven game:

This took me most of an evening to snip and edit the player dialogue in with the newly recorded audio (although I can think of a few ways to cut down that time if I make another such video). I was thinking that it might be worth switching to such videos instead of the full actual-plays if they make the game more accessible to people, what do you think?

Would you prefer to watch an abridged video of sessions?
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My Prep Dilemna

As anyone who has gamed with me will tell you–when it comes to running RPGs–I like to do my prep, some people can pull off amazing sessions with little to no prep and that’s absolutely grand, more power to them, however, I’m not blessed with a particularly good memory so it buoys up my confidence to know that I have notes prepared concerning what has already occurred in a campaign and what might be about to occur. However, this has left me with something of a dilemna recently when it comes to the prep for my Heart of Darkness Star Wars campaign and my Dungeon World campaign; both campaigns are recorded on my Youtube channel meaning I’ve got the actual play videos that I can refer back to in order to update my notes.

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GM Tips: Questions to ask about Settlements

village-1043623_960_720GM Tips articles offer advice and ideas for gamesmasters to help hone their techniques and run their games, these lists are not exhaustive but provide some tips to point a GM in the right direction.

One of the most important things a GM can do when designing a campaign is to ask themselves questions, by doing so you ensure consistency and might also through up some important elements of your setting that can be woven into compelling stories. Continue reading GM Tips: Questions to ask about Settlements