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"Talons of the Winter King" – Serpents Fall Session 10 – Writeup

By | 11th May 2014

Moroveer has gathered the necessary items to effect his disguise as a missionary and sneak back into Winchester, the spiritually altered Lord Wulfric is wrapped in rags and disguised as a leper to both hide his appearance and discourage future investigation by guards in Winchester, they have scrounged a bell from Cenhelm’s farm to add… Read More »

"Eight Days of Winter" – Serpents Fall Session 9 – Writeup

By | 11th April 2014

The group are resting, wary of pursuit by the Regent’s forces in a small farmhouse owned by Cenhelm and his wife Aesc, Moroveer plans to sneak into Winchester disguised as a trader whilst Horesh wishes to ally with Celts. The spear Aelfgar, having once belonged to Godric the deceased king of Winchester, has been disguised… Read More »

"A Cold Wind from the North" – Serpents Fall Session 8 – Writeup

By | 9th April 2014

Moroveer languishes in the dungeons of Winchester castle where he has been for last 6 months since being double-crossed on a slave deal by Regent Eadweard Harcourt. Horesh stands in the courtyard at Castle Harcourt, having attempted rouse the mistreated people to rise up against unjust rule of the Regent, calling on them to support… Read More »