Different Stat Methods

Our Monday episode is a bit late (busy weekend) but myself and Hannah have been chatting about different methods of stat generation in D&D.

I don’t like Mondays – Player Tangents

It’s bank holiday Monday here in the UK, and Hannah has some questions about what do to when players “go off the rails” or spin off into a random tanget.

Wednesday Wisdom – Top 10 Tips for Running Your First Session of a New System

It’s Wednesday and we’re offering some tips to make running your first session of a new system go a little smoother.

I don’t like Mondays – Adapting the Scum & Villainy DT system to use with ICRPG

It’s Monday and we’re kicking off the week with the first of two parter where Johannes Paavola and myself discuss our attempt to adapt the Scum & Villainy DT and faction system to work with my forthcoming second season Midderlands game as both a threat tracker and an in-game content generator.

Friend or Foe Friday – Vampires in D&D

In this week’s Friend or Foe Friday–and our first episode dealing with this particular creature–we take a look at vampires, the aristocracy of the night, in D&D.

I don’t like Mondays – Dolmenwood Character Generation

It’s Monday morning and Gavin Norman of Necrotic Gnome has been kind enough to include me in the playtest for his faerie-tale setting of Dolmenwood, inspired by Chicago Wiz’ tales of him and his wife’s 1-2-1 game I’m going to be running a similar game set in Dolmenwood for Hannah. In this episode we’re generating a Grimalkin character for her.

If you get time check out the Necrotic Gnome Discord: https://discord.gg/s7Bg29K

Friend or Foe Friday – Myconids

It’s Friday, Hannah and myself are combing through our D&D monster manuals to look at some less well known creatures and chatting about how you can use them in your game, in this episode we start by talking about the Wronguncle, a mushroom-like creature from the Dolmenwood and move on to discuss other fungus creatures.

This episode was inspired by a conversation with filwinn on the Necrotic Gnome Discord server.

Below are links to where you can find us online:

Wednesday Wisdom – Top 10 Tips for Amateur Map Makers

It’s Wednesday, halfway through the week, myself and Hannah are talking amateur map making and giving some handy tips on how to get the most out of it.

In this episode Hannah and myself often ten tips for making your online gaming experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Check out these excellent map makers (and associated collections) online:

I don’t like Mondays – Campfire Tales

Shake off the Monday morning drudgery, come and gather close to the crackling camp fire as John and Hannah regale you with tales from their balmiest days.

I don’t like Mondays – v5 Character Generation & Session 0

Are the Monday morning blues getting you down? Well why not kick back and listen to the smooth grooves of Johannes Paavola and myself discussing Vampire, the World of Darkness and our recent V5 session 0 (amongst other things)?