Random Things you might hear in a doom-laden prophecy

These random things articles are designed as quick idea generators for time-pressed GMs who want to inject some additional details into their game, when you need some inspiration just roll a D20 and consult the table:

1When the moon turns red as blood the children of darkness shall rise.
2The trees of the great forest will moan and the stars shall fall from the heavens like rain.
3When the wall weeps a great sadness will come upon the land.
4The hearts of the children shall empty as their joy is stolen by shadows.
5A man who runs with beasts shall spill the blood of the innocent upon the soil and ruin upon the kingdom.
6The face of the gods shall turn away from the world and the eye of heaven weep fire.
7The curved silver smile will spread through the city and all whose face it shines on shall fall.
8When the fields refuse to give up their fruits a great sorrow will fall on the land.
9An ancient grudge rises from the land, its arms reaching wide to embrace the innocent.
10When a king forsakes his crown the blood of a common man will rise like a new sun.
11A tide of blood flows from the north, those who do not drown will seek solace in the high places, their forces crying aloud to the heavens.
12When the people of the land give up their freedom they march willingly into slavery, their love binding them tighter than any chains.
13The way to the light is dark and filled with traps and pleasing diversions for the unwary.
14Fur that ripples like water on a lake carries the Princes doom on wings made of black leather.
15When the world of shadow teems with the shades of the forgotten then the gates will burst open and a tide of despair will flow back into the world.
16A ring of glowing starlight lights the way into a new world that is older than time.
17Those who hide themselves, fearful in the highest of heights will be bought lower than the low when cries of men topple the hardest of stones.
18The faces of the gods stare down from the sky, when they all close their eyes at once the darkest of ancient souls will once again walk the land.
19The fate of the world rests with wings that can climb to the homes of the gods or fall to the depths of the pit, whether he rises or falls, so does the world.