Why Hannah loves the AD&D 2E artwork

In this episode Hannah is talking about why she loves the old AD&D 2E artwork and found it inspirational during her first years as a roleplayer.

Star Trek Tech and Treknobabble

In this episode Hannah talks about Star Trek technology and the effects it could have on your RPG:

The image used in this blog was taken from https://www.publicdomainpictures.net/en/view-image.php?image=86466&picture=space-galaxy

Gunpowder in D&D

It’s Monday again and we’re talking gunpowder and primitive firearms in D&D, love them or hate them there’s a few things you need to consider when bringing them into your game:

If you want to pick up the free (no art) version of LOTFP you can find it here:

Firearm image from https://pixabay.com/vectors/antique-flintlock-gun-pistol-1297393/


In this Friend or Foe Friday episode Hannah and myself are discussing those summoned denizens of the Inner Planes, the elementals.


It’s the start of the week again, but don’t despair roleplaying masses, Hannah and John are here to keep you company while they chat about hexcrawls.

Check out the excellent Alexandrian blog for more on hexcrawls:


In this Friend or Foe Friday episode, Hannah and myself discuss that silent, sentinel of the fields and guardian of the grain, the scarecrow.

Voicemails – Hex flowers, inventories and stats

In this voicemail episode Hannah and myself answer a number of voicemail calls we’ve received recently.

Our callers this episode were:

Next Game Musings

In this episode I muse a little about my next game and consider whether I’ve gotten lazy when it comes to world-building.