Streets with Number: First Draft Rules

Here are my first draft rules for Streets with Numbers, my kludged Faction Rules for my OSR Midderlands, Greater Lunden game (although I’ll probably work for other games). Please give them a go, play around with them and let me know what you think.

Streets with Numbers: Faction Rules

I’ve long been a fan of the Stars Without Number game (written by Kevin Crawford), and am currently playing in an ongoing campaign run by Johannes Paavola, where I play Katherine O’Brien ship mechanic and recently awakened Artificial Intelligence. SWN uses an adapted and slightly more detailed version of the standard D&D/OSR ruleset with a […]

Purple Worm S01E02: Too High Up the Weird Tree

In this episode of the Purple Worm podcast we continue our dive into the world of weird games, discussing Numenera, Maid and what we think makes a weird game. Our RSS feed is: Check out our individual podcasts:- Pete @ Dragons are real:– Dave @ dpercentile:– Colin @ spikepit:– John @ […]

Purple Worm S01E01: Old School Essentials, Wolves of God and Weird Games

In the first episode of the Purple Worm podcast we talk about some recent games that have tickled our fancy and start delving into the subject of weird games: Our RSS feed is: Check out our individual podcasts:- Pete @ Dragons are real: Dave @ dpercentile: Colin @ spikepit: John @ […]

RDD Podcast: Property and Domain in D&D

In this episode, I answer some voicemails before musing about buying property and domain play in D&D. Theme tune is The Land of the Dead by Rafael Krux, used under Public Domain licence.

CSI Midderlands: Session 7

In the seventh session of our CSI Midderlands game the heroes explore the Upper Middergloom, encountering the restless dead, primitive beasts and potential allies in the darkness below Lunden. The edited version is available on Youtube: Please note: Apologies that the video says Session 6 on it during the opening crawl (I use a template […]

RDD Podcast: I know arse-all about Arneson

But how easy is it to find out more using just the internet? In this episode of the podcast Hannah and I take a tongue-in-cheek, irreverent look at how easy it is to find information on Dave Arneson and whether or not he was truly erased from the annals of history as some seem to […]