CBP Worldbuilding #2: Draw Your Map

This is the second post using Angeline Trevina’s book 30 Days of Worldbuilding (available on Amazon), the book provides 30 prompts/exercises to help guide world-building. Day 2: Draw Your Map – the author advises us to draw a map to prevent us getting lost in our world. Colonial Blackpowder Since my setting is based very […]

CBP Worldbuilding #1 : Genre & Setting

This is the first post using Angeline Trevina’s book 30 Days of Worldbuilding (available on Amazon), the book provides 30 prompts/exercises to help guide world-building. Day 1: Genre & Setting: in the first prompt the author advises us to describe the genre of our world and write a brief description of it. Colonial Blackpowder Genre […]

Appendix N: 30 Days of World Building

In this Appendix N video I take a look at the excellent 30 Days of Worldbuilding workbook by Angeline Trevina. Currently available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Days-Worldbuilding-Step-Step-Fictional/dp/1677313129/

What does the OSR mean to me?

There has been a discussion on the Audio Dungeon Discord Server recently about what the OSR means to people? So I thought that I’d record an episode about what it means to me. If you want to get involved with the Audio Dungeon Discord you can find it here: https://discord.gg/D5Gpe3s Have an opinion or thoughts […]


In this bonus voicemail episode I answer some call-ins concerning the topic of primitive humans, evolution and how civilised folk in an RPG setting might respond to the close proximity of a primitive offshoot. Call-ins were by: Joe Richter of the¬†Hingsightless podcast. Jason Connerley of the¬†Nerd’s RPG Variety Cast. Have an opinion or thoughts on […]

Happy 2020 and 30 Days of Colonial Blackpowder

A Happy New Year to you all, as we kick off 2020 with Season 3 of the Red Dice Diaries Anchorcast we’re Overjoyed to See RPGs, I’m excited to talk about my plans for creating a Colonial Blackpowder D&D campaign setting in 2020. This idea was inspired by ChicagoWiz’s excellent podcast and blog: https://chgowiz-games.blogspot.com/ I […]

New Year’s Eve Simian Meanderings

It’s the last episode of 2019, and in this Oxidised Schwifty Resonator voicemail episode of the Red Dice Diaries, Barney from Loco Ludus is kind enough to leave me some messages concerning my recent musings on the treatment of prehistoric man in D&D and various retroclones, we have some well-wishes and interesting points of discussion. […]

Gorilla Podcasting

In this Obvious Simian Rebellion episode of the Red Dice Diaries podcast I muse a bit about the subject of our primitive ancestors (as represented in D&D and various retroclones) and ponder how they’d cope with being throwing into the mix with modern day humans. https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/anchor-audio-bank/staging/2019-12-21/d10dd0a2e659352d4f88591c9275fca5.m4aPodcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

A Cautionary (but interesting) Tale

As you may or may not be aware, once of my plans for the New Year is to create a long-term D&D campaign world to run multiple games in. This desire has been spurred on by a number of factors: Getting the excellent Old School Essentials books and then the boxed-set for my birthday. Listening […]

Voicemails, Thieves, Notable Firsts, Pink and Green Dice Diaries

In this Orange Segment Rebellion bonus episode of Red Dice Diaries I answer some call-ins about thieves, notable first, dice colour themes and some other bits & pieces. I’ve loved hearing people talking about their first dice and role-playing experiences, please keep those calls coming in, they’ve been great to listen to. Have an opinion […]