Written summary of our second Grand Theft Cthulhu game

The original video for the second session can be found below: Written Summary of Session Trevor finds himself standing in an underwater city of strange spires and cobbled streets made from an odd black stone, the streets of this maddening city are covering with dead rust red sea creatures, and the ground seems to slope […]

A Brief Summary of our Grand Theft Cthulhu Game

The video of the session can be found below: However there follows a short summary of the game. Main Characters ‘Dirty’ Deny Whatley : played by Afrodave Horatio Whatley : played by Fozz Trevor Whatley : played by Pigeon Principle NPCs ‘Fat’ Abbot Whately : Mercilessly tough leg-breaker and rivil of Deny’s for the casino racket. Juvan : Mechanic […]