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Jade-xalted: Collected

By | 22nd July 2014

For ease of reading for anyone who wants to make use of my Jade-xalted Fate hack I have collected all of the posts together in a PDF document and posted it in my Red Dice Diaries google drive so that people can access it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByVpAo4rxDGuRU12OVdUSnN6X1U/edit?usp=sharing

Jade-xalted: Character Generation – Aspects & Professions

By | 16th June 2014

Since this is a hack to allow Jadepunk to be used to run an Exalted style game, i’m not going to reprint masses of the rules from the Jadepunk book (also i’d like encourage people to purchase the game since it is an excellent RPG campaign), i’m only going to discuss the rules where my… Read More »

Star Trek hack: Boldly going where several people have gone before

By | 14th January 2014

Do you ever throw yourself into something and then, it’s only halfway through that you think ‘I wonder if someone else has done anything like this?’ That was the position I found myself in when asked to come up with a hack for a Star Trek (pre-Enterprise era) game by my friend Simon (you can… Read More »

Fate: Boldly going where no-one has gone before…

By | 14th January 2014

For those of you who aren’t aware I play in a small (1 GM + 3 players inc. myself), very interesting Star Trek inspired game run by my friend Simon at our FLGS Spirit Games; the game is set in a pre-Enterprise (the series) era and involves the players being the crew of an earth experimental ship built… Read More »

Another mechanic I like from 13th Age – Background Traits

By | 3rd October 2013

As I said in my review of 13th Age the book is chock-full of interesting ideas that can be piked for use in whatever game you may happen to play; i’ve already talked about the escalation dice dice my previous blog post, now i’d like to talk about another interesting mechanic, background traits. In 13th Age… Read More »

Preparing rules for Fate Accelerate Fantasy Game

By | 2nd October 2013

A while ago I proposed the idea in my blog that perhaps D&D professions could be used as Approaches in a Fate Accelerated game (the original blog post is here for anyone interested); since then i’ve been reading a large number of D&D clone games (some better than others), have played an online G+ game using… Read More »

By | 27th September 2013

I’ve been toying around with the idea of a Fate Accelerated game involving vampires for a few days; thought i’d post up what i’ve jotted down so far. Please note: The notes below are in no way complete and will probably change considerably before I consider them finished. *** Aspects *** 5 in total 1)… Read More »