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Streamlining the WOD: First thoughts

By | 15th May 2015

As you may have seen from our previous post I was in a Google Hangout last evening with Marko, Rufus and Chepé; the crux of the Hangout was that I wanted to run a world of darkness game in the future (probably either the V2 NWOD version of Werewolf: the Forsaken or the V2 version of Changeling: the Lost (when it’s… Read More »

[RPG] So how did my quick & dirty fate vampire rules work?

By | 25th November 2014

Incase you’ve not seen my quick and dirty Fate Accelerated rules for vampires you can find them here: http://reddicediaries.com.gridhosted.co.uk/uncategorized/rpg-quick-dirty-fate-accelerated-rules/ How did the game go? Unfortunately because of other RL factors we didn’t get to actually finish the session, however the three or four hours that we did do were quite entertaining and everyone (including the couple… Read More »

Powered by the Fate-pocalypse: Starting work on the Playbook

By | 30th July 2014

I have started to put together the general playbook for my Dungeon World/Fate combo, this playbook is adapted from the excellent blank playbook template created by Zarathud: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?700954-Dungeon-World-MS-Word-and-Open-Office-Playbook-Templates Below is my initial starting point, there is plenty of work left to do on it, but it’s a start: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByVpAo4rxDGuXzEtbnJWVUoyaU0/edit?usp=sharing

Powered by the Fate-pocalypse: Back to Basics

By | 30th July 2014

Those who’ve been keeping up with my blog posts will be aware that I have been attempting (with varying degrees of success) to create a game that combines the best elements of two RPing systems, Fate and Dungeon World, both games that I greatly enjoy. Although i’d thrown up what I thought were some interesting… Read More »

Powered by the Fate-pocalypse: Rules – More thoughts on Aspects

By | 24th July 2014

Thinking about Aspects and chatting with my wife (who is a big fan of that old-school D&D (but simpler) feel that Dungeon World provides, less so of Fate) last night; it occurred to me that one of the problems I have had people mention to me when talking about Aspects is that it can often… Read More »

Powered by the Fate-pocalypse: Rules – Dice Rolling, Aspects & Attributes

By | 23rd July 2014

As part of my attempt to create a game combining elements of my two favourite systems (Fate & Dungeon World) I start collecting together some of the rules that I intend to use in the game. * * * Dice Rolling I have decided to switch from using the 2d6+attribute modifier (espoused by the Dungeon… Read More »

Powered by the Fate-pocalypse: Initial Ideas

By | 22nd July 2014

After reading a very amusing blog post by Ryan Macklin (http://ryanmacklin.com/2014/07/fateworld/) regarding the recent RPGGeeks best of RPGs tournament in which Fate and Dungeon World faced off against each other in the final (with Dungeon World winning) I started thinking seriously about how feasible it would be to create a game that incorporated elements from both… Read More »