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Professions in FATE?

By | 8th July 2013

A comment from Marcus Morrisey in response to my previous post about specialised skills started me thinking about professions and how they could be used in FATE or FAE. I’m currently playing in a short Hunter: the Vigil nWoD that features Professional Training as a merit (and this has been adopted into the core nWoD rules as… Read More »

God Machine Chronicle – The world according to Maggy Pike

By | 6th July 2013

IC blog of first God Machine Chronicle Session Written by Kelly Grimshaw Reproduced with permission from the author. Ok so my life didn’t work out the way my parents planned it. By now I should be on my way to professorship of something or other rather than a uni drop-out living in a run down tennament… Read More »

God Machine Chronicle – Brians Log: Stardate something or other

By | 6th July 2013

IC blog of first God Machine Chronicle Session Written by Simon Webber Reproduced with permission from the author. I can honestly say the last few hours have been the most spectacularly crazy-assed hours I’ve had since that stag do in Prague. I’ve only been back in the country for 48 hours, stocked up me home… Read More »

God Machine Chronicle – The Secret of Specto Vale – Session 1 Writeup

By | 6th July 2013

A huge snowstorm is howling outside the crumbling tower block of Specto Vale in the East Midlands, early 2013 has seen terrible winter weather hit a country ill-prepared to deal with such conditions; the result has been people confined to their homes and roads packed with snow and ice, becoming impassable to all but the… Read More »

Character sheets for the God Machine Chronicle

By | 2nd July 2013

Having finished working on the character sheets for my God Machine Chronicle game (run using the FATE system), in preparation for the first actual (post character gen) session i’ve typed up the character sheets in neat and added pictures (chosen by the players). Joe “Smokey” Thomson Catia “Cathy” Williams Maggy Pike Jakub Bodak Brian “Bulldog”… Read More »

Character Generation for God Machine Chronicle game

By | 22nd June 2013

We’ll myself and the other five players for my God Machine Chronicle game met up last night to define some more details about the setting and create characters ready for the first actual session on 05/07/13; this was my first experience of using the Game Creation advice chapter from the FATE core rulebook so I… Read More »

Game generation for a game that you're already playing

By | 21st June 2013

As people who are reading this blog are no doubt aware, we originally began my Rogue Trader game the House of Black (the original post about the game is here) using Fantasy Flight Games rules for the game however we later switched to using the FATE core rules for the game for a number of… Read More »

Music for my GMC session

By | 20th June 2013

Although tomorrow’s (21/06/13) session is for the players to run through the generation process with me and help create links between the characters, NPCs and other setting elements I have already been thinking about appropriate music that could be played in the background of the generation session and then continued through into the game proper.… Read More »

FAE character sheets for God Machine Chronicle

By | 19th June 2013

Although my NWOD Hack for FAE isn’t complete i’m going to be holding the character genning session for my game on this Friday (21/06/13 as of writing), handily because this short campaign doesn’t involve the players portraying supernatural creatures I only need the basic rules that have already been decided on in order to run it and… Read More »

Musings on Fate Accelerated Edition

By | 15th June 2013

I’ve been recently considering using some version of the FATE system to run the God Machine Chronicle World of Darkness game that i’ll be starting in a week or twos time (i’ll be putting up a post about the GMC game separately at  some point in the near future); having become increasingly non-plussed at the more… Read More »